Thursday, March 11, 2010

Free Free Harajuku Outfit!!

Photo and link credits to

To get them log in into your stardoll account than go to the link: You will be redirected to the Harajuku official site. Than you can close that window and go to your suite, there you'll find the suite, the glasses will be in your medoll editor.

Hope this will help you!

Hugs, Ccatalina


  1. omg why are you copying underneath stardoll if yall dont believe me click these links and this i cant believe you i am going to tell ginnycee so she can fire you!!!!!!!!!

  2. oh thank u , it works =)

  3. dont want to sound rood but will u be geting any mor gifts from hurujuku sorry if spelling wrong

  4. umm... Directed at the second Anonymous comment: Maybe Underneath Stardoll is copying Stardoll Fanatic... Or maybe they just both know the same things... Think before you judge.

  5. it didn't work:(