Monday, March 8, 2010

Free dragon shield,hat,and dragon!

Ok so there is this free dragon and shield that you get by going to

Then type in

once you get to that page log in

and choose one of the dragons

then click watch trailor to get the shield (you dont have to watch it just make sure to go to that page)

you will find the Shield and hat in a green bag and the dragon will be beside your closet on the wall!

Thanks ,
mrs.esther on stardoll


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  1. To get the next ANTM dress do this:
    1.If you are from UK just go to the Cinema and watch it.

    But if you are outside the UK:


    First log into Stardoll, so you don’t have to do this with another proxy.



    Change your proxy as describe below.

    For Safari (Mac computer): Click here for a guide. (Check Web Proxy (HTTP))

    Click ‘Safari’ on the top -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Change Settings -> Check Web Proxy (HTTP) -> Enter proxy and port -> Apply Now

    For Internet Explorer:
    Tools –> Internet Options —> Connections —> LAN Settings -> Check the ‘Use proxy’ box -> Enter the proxy and port -> Click OK

    THe proxy is IP: Port:3128

    For Firefox:

    Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> Network -> Settings -> Check the Manual box -> insert the proxy and port -> Click Save.

    !!: The following picture is in Dutch. ‘Extra’ in Dutch is ‘Tools’ in the English version of Firefox!!

    THe proxy is IP: Port:3128

    From: mrs.esther on stardoll