Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Hey Stardoll Fanatics!!

In case you haven't noticed, there is new DKNY!!! It is SS only :'(
Advent calendars are here! Look at the post below for the links! I was super annoyed that non-superstars don't get clothes this year (at least I don't think so...please correct me if i'm wrong!)

Also, in the spirit of giving, shouldn't the stuff in the advent calendar be free? Oh well.

One more thing -- check out the new poll on the sidebar!!

I'll try to update the blog more often but thanks to the writers that do!!



  1. Yeah I agree that the gifts should be free!


    Anyway have a nice christmas everyone!

  2. hey just wondering if anyone knows or can figure out how to get anything that i missed cause i missed the first one cause i couldnt find the advent cal yesterday. it would be greatly appreciated....


  3. Hey there is also advent calendar for non-ss

  4. Hi. I agree! The stuff in the advent should be free, at least for the non-superstars, if no one else. I mean we deserve it, especially now after they took away our stardollar-a-day! I can barely afford anything!! What I want to know is, why are they keeping the non-superstar clothes that are over 5 stardollars in the starplaza? None of non-SSs can get anything over five now, and yet they are still there....

  5. Where is the advent calender ?

    I can't find it x

  6. Hey :3

    Excuse Stardoll; A SS CALENDAR??! Seriously, this is ridiculous... Non superstars have their own one, well, I would much rather get the same things as SS. Stardoll starts to seem pretty desperate, trying to get everyone to buy SS. I think the ''gift'' in the Non-SS suite crossed the line! Come on Stardoll! >:O

  7. Oh, there is a shirt you get on Dec. 3, for non-superstars, so at least we get some kind of clothing out of the whole deal. Your right,.axxu. they do seem desperate! Does anyone know how to get rid of those bags?? I can't get them into storage, or move them...

  8. Stardoll!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What are you thinking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The 4th one on the non-ss cal is a group of radishes! RADISHES! WHO HAS RADISHES AT CHRISTMAS!?!

    i think its weird!

  9. btw, non-supterstars can get clothes with the regular calendar (check out day 3) :)!