Monday, November 9, 2009

New Kohls!

As you know there are new Kohls !

There are a couple of nice stuff !

And my favourite words : NON-SS !

Buuut incredibly over-priced.

Anyway, there is a new STARDOLL FANATIC club !

It's worth joining, there are all the latest free stuff posted on !

It's owned by MissChloe784. She was chosen to become a writer on SDfanatic a couple of months ago but i guess nothing progressed.

Anyway, until my next post !
Emma x


  1. Im so annoyed with stardoll cause they are teasing us about not getting a stardollar a day by putting out really cool NON superstar stuff thats over 5 bucks!

    if they dont do something soon im gonna delete my account in protest

  2. I know it's so unfair. I've just finished being superstar so I have a good amount of stardollars, but my friend spent all hers the day before the 1 stardollar a day campign was over so now she can only buy things under 5 stardollars!!! It's so annoying.But they said that they are working on new ways to get more stardollars but couldn't they just kept the 1 SD a day thing till they relesed the "new idea"?

  3. Nice try Stardoll, but you won't get a penny of my money until you bring back the 1 stardollar a day program. :)


  4. well you could just become a member on the chinease stardoll or japanease cuz that makes u ss and i think not to sure that u get 1 sd a day and also you can use the translator so you can understand it all

  5. the prices on these clothes are unfairly is any non-ss member supposed to get them