Saturday, November 14, 2009

3 Current Contests!!!

There are three contests going on in stardoll! You can win stardollars, clothes, and some other surprise!!

Contest 1 - Dress Up Prima J

All you have to do is dress up these people, and your entered to win stardollars!!

Contest 2 - Pop Art Scenery Contest

Just make a pop are scenery and you can win!!

Contest 3 - Art History Quiz

Answer the questions correctly to be entered to win a stardoll shopping spree!

1) Ucello
2) Girl with the Pearl earring
3) Chagall
4) Les Demoiselles d'Avignon
5) Bernini
6) Andy Warhol
7) Leger
8) Neo-Plasticism

Good Luck!



  1. Are the answers right, Ginnycee?

  2. Not to be the party pooper or anything but I feel by you giving the answers to everyone that it takes away Stardoll's reason for doing the quiz in the first place. As an artist and future art teacher, you are stunting your readers abilities to learn about Art and it's contributions to the world. I would have a lot more respect for this if they were hints not out right answers. Just some thoughts to think about.

  3. UMM I am VERY sorry but HELLO she just gave you the answers so be grateful you might get some cash on stardoll so i wouldn't be talking be happy that she did that for u

    I would love to be friends on stardoll
    My Name is GlitterGlamGurl♥