Friday, October 23, 2009

Weekly update!

Hello everyone
It's Emmaa !

Just doing my weekly update on the blog !

1. Join Amy Diamond's new club ! and you will get a free poster and swing ! (If you can't find it just look on my list of club's that i have joined)

2. If you do the Halloween competition scenery, you get a free tiger!

3. There is a two new dresses in the StarDesign ! They are both for ss unfortunately.

4. November hotbuys spoilers are out ! Check them out in the magazine !

That's it for now !




  1. how do you get yo the halloween scenery competition?

  2. Click on the magazine tab
    Then click on the cover girl
    Then you will be sent to a page which shows you the cover girl, scenery and album winner.
    Underneath there are the current compettions.
    Just enter the Halloween scenery competition and do a halloween scenery (:

  3. i made one but i didnt get a tiger!

  4. just wondering if anyone knows the answer to my question.

    i have been saving up for something and have 13 dollars and i need 2 more dollars (and the days play and earn) but the number wont go up from 13! can you not save more than 13 dollars?

  5. Stardoll also discontinued the one stardollar a day program! :D I know because I had the same problem as Anonymous. They said it themselves.

  6. this is the previous anonymous you were talking about...

    I didn't know they had cut that! that is SOOOO unfair to people who are non superstars because it means we can't buy anything over $5!

    We should start a club or something to get them to bring it back! I really wanted that dress that Ginnycee is wearing in the picture. I had been saving up and had two more days until i could get it and they cut the stardollar a day program!


  7. Yeah thats so unfair! does anyone know how to contact stardoll admin or something?

  8. The same happened to me. I found a way you can contact stardoll.
    Even though it is for help we can use it to 'contact' them.

    it gives you a space to type a question.

  9. I think that stardoll is so generous these days, and stardoll fanatic is not very active.

  10. free thing thats not posted yet!
    emma did u no theres a free Eyepet monkey about?
    i no how to get it but just to let u no and evrybody, steps r:
    1. go to
    2. type in
    3. log in
    4. type in
    5. wait
    6. close and open again to find it in ur suit

  11. They stopped giving out a stardollar a day!!
    BTW, I'm Solarial on Stardoll..

  12. oops! Didn't see Anonymous there! Sorry, give credit to Anonymous, not me!

  13. hi poopalinay on stardoll here! i know it is sooo unfair that stardoll took the 1 stardollar thing away. if they hadnt taken it away i would have had 400 stardollars! yeah emma thanks for that info it helped. poopalinayx

  14. I agree with miss.yum about stardoll being very generous these days but i do think that it is unfair to non-superstars because now they can't buy anything more than $5

  15. Whats the club called ? Can't find it ;'(


    Visit my stardoll

  16. go to my stardoll page icypeguin159

  17. Very Good.
    But Sorry If You Didn't Notice, That Stardoll Has Stopped Giving Us 1 Stardollar A Day :)

    Hope I Helped :D

    Alana [ash4life]

  18. I didn't get a Tiger.. :(
    And I didn't find the club :(

  19. what's the c;ub called? :(