Friday, October 2, 2009

Interview with Miisemmaa.

Introduction: Hello, I'm interviewing Miss Stardoll Fanatic September 2009. Her Stardoll name is Miisemmaa. Apart from her remarkable talent for making sceneries she also has a breath-taking sens of fashion !

Emma interviewer: Hello Emma! Lets start off by saying, what was/were your ispiration/ideas that were going through your mind whilst creating this scenery?

Emma winner: I was really just thinking ok, what would be a runway that people would wait their whole live to walk down, or dream about being a model on it, then i just decided i would create my own dresses as i love designing.

E I: Who do you consider as your rolemodel/inspiration in real life?

E W: Probably i would look up to Miranda Kerr the most as she is a stunning but down to earth model.

E I: Lets talk fashion wise now. After all the scenery was about fashion. What is your favourite store on Stardoll and why?

E W: My favourite store on stardoll would have to be Dkny because it is a stunning brand with gorgeous accessories and cute colours. Another store i love is Limited Edition because i love waiting for it to come then running to the store to see if you can get some :)

E I: And in reality?

E W: Probably would have to be an Australian Store called Cotton On, because of its cute cardi's, tanks and skinny's but also coz of great accessories like gladiators and totes.

E I: Your scenerie's fashion design stuck with neutral colours. Which is your favourite colour and why?

E W: My Favourite colour would probably be pink because it goes great in outfits, and you can basically wear it with anything.

E I: Yes one of your model designes was in fact Pink haha. Ok now i just have to ask this, which is the item of clothing/accessory which you own on Stardoll which you would consider your favourite?

E W: I think it would have to be the Dkny Hearts Blouse, i know your probably thinking, oh yeah coz its old but no if it came out in the Dkny store today and never got rare i would still buy it because its just stunning.

So Emma, that concludes our interview ! It has been a pleasure getting to know you and i hope this is not the last that i or Stardoll Fanatic have heared from you ! You are truly an inspiration to a lot of Stardollians ! Congratulations again for being Miss Stardoll Fanatic September 2009!


  1. I really loved to read this interview! Congratulations to the winner

  2. HOW could you put this FILTHY scammer on your blog, don't get me wrong I am a BIG fan of your club but she SCAMMED one of my friends, friends just today ! I don't think she should be looked up to in anyway ! I think this post is wounderful but deleting it and warning everyone she's a scammer or inteviewing her again and asking her the truth would be the right thing to do, just saying not trying to control you but I would hope you would make the right desion or you're not the bloggers I read posts from every single night.

  3. WHAT!?!
    Who did i scam? i have never scammed in my life. Ok stop making up stuff because you are jealous you didnt win ok? I hope emma does the right thing and deletes cthe comment that you wrote.

  4. Why would I be jealous search your name it says so on a presentation I can't remember which one though..

  5. Hi! My stardoll name is hamsterlover120. I was just wondering how you get that hairstyle that the doll in the picture is wearing. Thanks!