Monday, September 28, 2009


Hey guys, in case you wanted to know a girl named glossy87 just voted this blog, blog of the month and she's putting it on her blog,, she sed it will b up in about 4 days so if u wanna b part of it write some comments cuz she's gona copy and paste some of the stuff and good comments to present on her blog and advertise ppl to come. :)! Check back soon I will let u no when it's up.


  1. hi my name is daddysgirl12366 i visit this blog every day before i go on stardoll it is keeps me updated plus i love all of the fun competitions. i would love to become a writer for it and i have tried to get the job but have failed. Anyways this blog helps and i love it !!!!!!

  2. hi im pinkerpuff101 i always go on stardoll and this blog its so fun to read all the coments and posts

  3. Hey guys thats great but im sorry to say ginnycee is the only one who can give out writer jobs, thats how i got mine.. ik she isnt rlly into this blog anymore and im terribly sorry but theres nothing i can do :(