Friday, September 4, 2009

Free poster/drums


dauersmilie told me that if you do these steps then you will get a free Jonas brothers drum set and a poster!

I have no time to try it out so i'm not even sure that it works but you can try it and you might be lucky (:

Steps are (for non US/UK citizens) :

1. Go on

2. In the URL bar paste

3. Log into your account

4. Wait a few seconds, log out and log back into your normal account on the official Stardoll site.

Hope it works for you (:!

Btw sorry for no pictures, i'm not on my usual laptop:/



  1. hey.. i just signed on yesterday and they were already in my suite. but i dont recall using that website or even doing anything. and i live in the us and it still worked.

  2. what about for US and UK citizens?

  3. It works. tnx so much

  4. No need for proxy coz it came to my suite i clicked on it then volia im there but thanks anyway

  5. Uk and US citizens have it on the start page like theres either a lil advertisement at teh side of the page or there is it on the startpage where they display CG. I've created a room in my suite using alot of the free stuff I've got using this site btw. Im gonna open it 2 public shortly. Btw THIS WEBSITE IS AWESOMENESS.
    Check out my profile

  6. For the UK/US citizens just go to the cinema and watch the Jonas thing (: xx

  7. UK/US can just go to the cinema

    This blog is CRAP. This is the cheat that has been on other blogs of a few days

    Ohh noo !! Anonymous comment!! Boo HOO

  8. You are some sad little girl, you have no life. Your life revolves around thinking what "horrible" comments your going to write on Stardoll Fanatic. WWW.GETALIFE.COM there now you have no reason to write anymore comments here. Bye.

  9. I think there's a virus on Daveproxy, just to let you know, when I tried to go on my anti virus program alert popped up.

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  11. I wrote about that first. it does work.

  12. To the Anonymous Spammer above MollieSunshine:

    You are a nasty person, if you think this blog is so 'crap' then why read it?

    Some of us (including me) love this blog and show appreciation to the writers. They take time to dedicate to this blog and it can really upset them when people like you leave mean comments. It's like your were waiting for this cheat to be written so you could slag it off (Sorry about that!!; I didn't think how else to put it!!)

    Showing it as Anonymous was just a sign of weakness!! Coward!!

    Sorry for typing so much, I jsut got carried away! x

  13. The FREE PSP PURSE is out!!!
    : D credits to amaliya5 ??

  14. Thank you sooo much AJD9076514XxX!
    You are truly a nice person and get what i'm feeling(: I really hope that we get to chat on Stardoll, it's people like you which i consider as friends (:
    Emma xx

  15. thanks for putting my post.. I told you on your guestbook ! thaks a lot... :)

  16. There is a virus on Daveproxy! I went on and my antivirus thing popped up! Dont go there!

  17. i have it thanks

  18. none of des"free stuff" works!!!

    plz get one da works!!

  19. it still don´t work :(

  20. hmmmmmmmmmm this didn't work!!!1