Wednesday, July 22, 2009



The message says:
"Excuse me Kakemonster what did i do! Oh and don't tell me my sister was messing on my account again tricking people! Here take this free account for a sorry present!

Account: The_Disney_Club
Password: Disney

My sister wants to say sorry



Today I got scammed.. So I'd like to remind all of you to never give away your password, especially to JazieJasmine. I thought I could trust her when I asked her to get me the free Hannah Montana stuff, but I was so wrong.. She changed my password and I coulden't get a new one because I had registrated my doll on a fake e-mail (to get free stuff).. I could just not remember my password. Lucky for me, after tryin' for a long time, i got into my e-mail adress and changed my password, but I guess it was too late..
JazieJasmine had changed my medolls looks and bought in all these horrible clothes, she also changed my suite.. IT LOOKS AWFUL!! She also used ALL my stardollars.. I had saved, and I had 80 or something. But I guess that's what you get, when you are as stupid as me and give your password away to a jerk like her. So please, don't do the same mistake as I, keep your password to yourself, I sure will.

Kakemonster who has learned her lesson..


  1. oh yeay you're back, too bad for you :( maybe you can visit

  2. Exuse me! I am from JazieJasmine's club and she would never do that! I had a Superstar account and she got loads of stuff for me without hacking! Seh is a great friend and i will never forget her

  3. Yeah i agree with that Anonymous girl! JazieJasmine is a great friend actually a bestie even though i don't know her! She got Milly & Becky to join my club by asking them on YouTube! Kakemonster you are probably just jealous of her since she has more fame then you!

  4. Shut up Kakemonster! I am her friend and she would never ever do that! Everyone asks her to do it for her everyday and she never hacks even Superstar accounts! What is the problem with you Kakemonster eh? I thought you were a leader or something but i guess i was wrong..

  5. Today I was called a scammer because I put a girl who scammed my friend on my scammers list:( I don't know what to do, because I have never scammed anyone and it's not fair! I just wanted to help!

    And I think those 'girls' who commented is JazieJasmine ;/
    I feel very sorry for you, I know how it is to be scammed.

  6. WTF JazieJasmine is an angel! Kakemonster you are so so so stupid! Why would she do that! Rumour is that you were just jealosu of her cause she kept telling you kneew cheats in your GB earlier then you haha to you

  7. This is me JazieJasmine! Hey Kakemonster i did not do that! What the heck is wrong with you! Well guess what you can spread it everywhere but i don't care cause its not true!

    PS thanks whoever they are in the posts above

  8. BTW JazieJasmine.. Youre so lying, and I've got the proof..

  9. fuck off u JazieJasmine "friends", ur just ridiculous 10 years old child.Everyone knows that it just only u who wrotes those comments,so shut up ur stupid mouth,lol FAT LIAR.I totally agree with Asiuleczkavip .

  10. hey!
    should i tell u some other scammers:

    all those peopes scamed me!
    I am really sorry for u!1

  11. Hey.
    I want to ask where can I get the golden Hennah montana jacket?

  12. Okay, bottom line: DON'T GIVE AWAY YOUR PASSWORD. I never cease to be amazed at how naive and trusting some people are. Just don't do it!

  13. i got hacked to by someone named zuzuzo she promised stardollars and i fell for it but then she eventually deleted her account and mine and i was a superstar and i lost all of my clothes i was so sad

  14. last week a girl asked for my account! she was like "I'm poor and I love your stardoll so can I have your account?". STUPID! why would i just give out my account like that just b/c she asked me! so people are so stupid! first of all if you want someones account you should at least make some kind of trade or offer something in return! I don't anyone would just give up there account like that!

  15. I mean as long as you don't give out the password you should be fine and just ignore those stupid scammers. (and the fact that Miss Jazie and her 'friends' happen to comment just minutes of each other, when supoosedly they have not met her, is a little too coincidental) Whatever, don't let immature little 10 year olds get you down (I'm saying SHE'S immature not all 10 year olds. By the way JazieJasmine, why would anyone be jealous of you m'dear? We don't know you in real life and being semi-(in)famous on one website is nothing to be proud of... Just thought I'd let you know ^_^) Thanks for posting Kakemonster :D

  16. also stay away from Sherlly45*, she hacked my cousins account she said that if i give her my cousins account password, shell give me hers though she wants me to change her me doll and she ended up hacking the account please report Sherlly45* now

  17. Why are you so stupid to kakemonster?
    youwould not be so happy if someone left so stupid comments on your blog? and it is not so fun to read them either!

  18. Hey, stop annoying kakemonster! I toatally agree with the ones on her side! I have never been scammed/hacked, and i am proud! Once this girl said if she could borrow my ss account for 5 minutes and then she'd give me two of her ss account for ever, but as if i would believe her! She would just steal it and change the password! Plus i BEGGED my mum to become a ss, and if i gave it away it would be a complete waste of time and money >:{ So i feel sorry for kakemonster and i know what it feels like. I HATE hackers

  19. xxmonnaxx <---My stardoll UserJuly 24, 2009 at 5:13 PM

    x-click-here-x is a scammer 2 she took my sis's account and shes been hakced b4

  20. JazieJasmine is a lier. She send she was say 9 i went on her profile and it was different. Stardoll shud ban her