Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Hello everyone.
I'm sorry I've been so slow posting the winners, but it was so many dolls, mails and albums to look through! I got 60 e-mails and about 10 pages of guestbook comments! I even checked out both the suite and the album of all the members who wrote in my guestbook. It was also very har finding a winner, because there were so many nice outfits. So I chose these as the winners.. :

1st place:

I know it's a really simple look, but I chose this girl as the winner, because I really loved the tiny yet awsome details! I think it really changed the dress in some way, so congrats! :)
Ps: Loved the ribbon in the hair x)

2nd place

When I first saw this dress-up I was kinda sure it was going to be one of the winners.. I think this look is absolutley chic, and really to die for. Olio262 has great potential :)

3rd place

I love this outfit! Adding the straps and all those beautiful accessories mad the outfit to die for! I think you did a great job :)

So that was the winners.. Please contact me for your prizes, (I might be unavilabe, because I'm going abroad) you'll get them as soon as possible :)

Please don't leave mean comments if you didn't win and if your unhappy with my judement.. I will come up with more comps soon, so you'll get a new chance then :)



  1. It is Jenny_li_happy
    not jenny_il_happy

  2. I didn't win... :'( I tried so much for it...

  3. Well done! You all deserve to win!

  4. I don`t like none of them;[
    Too simple:|

  5. the winner stole my idea stupid lil . . . .kmt 4get it anyway

  6. They all deserve it .
    You say that they don't deserve it because you didn't win.

  7. I'm not jelous and w/e but these outfits are really simple and nothing special...

  8. i think first shouldve been last

  9. good job everyone you took a simple dress and made it creative and fun you all deserved to win

  10. i tried really hard... :(
    the outfits are kinda simple..
    but congratzz
    btw, plzz visit meh!!

  11. All I can say is I tryed my best and I cant wait for more comps :)

  12. The winners did a good job! Congratulations.
    However, I prefer my design but we nearly always prefer the things we do ourselves.

    My account is: Dudasky - visit me and see the dress I did for this contest. Bye bye

  13. Hmmm dind't liked one of them :/... anyway congratulations :)

  14. Hey my heartiest congratz to all the winner
    My hard luck that i didn't win :( :( :(
    But still they did great a job
    My stardoll name is well kshamta :P:P
    Visit me :P:D:)

  15. Thank you sooo much! I am so excited that I got second place! I'm sorry that you all feel that I didn't deserve to win, but I'm sure that you all did a great job!

    Congratulations to the other winners!

    Thanks again,

    xo Olivia/Olio262

  16. this is so not fair the winner did not deserve it , its way too casual no originality LAMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  17. Shut up they deserve it !

  18. thanks for my first place:D:D(L) Im VERY VERY happy for it!:)
    My username on stardoll is: Oohlinda :)
    Thanks again!

  19. Hey ,congratulations to the winners, you all done very well!
    I entered but didnt win :( but i felt mine's was very creative and unique ,i want to do fashion when i leave school !
    tell me what you think by leavinga wee comment in my guestbook
    my username is : missjenniferbis
    Thanks , Jennifer

  20. thay are so simple and ugly