Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Creativity Competition!

Hello, again .. :)
I know that I have been really inactive lately, but I will post more blog topics now.. So I decided to throw a creativity competition!

All you need is:

The free Hannah Montana dress --->
.. and your mind wide open:)

You are going to dress up your doll in this dress, but comletly change the outfit.. You can add items such as jelwerys, belts, jackets, shoes, etc. .. (You don't have tou "use the dress as a dress", you can make it into a top or a skirt for example..) I will choose a winner this sunday, which means that saturday is the last day to take part of the competition.

So here's what you do:
*Dress up your doll in the HM dress and add your twist too the outfit
*Take a picture of your doll using print screen and send the photo to stardoll.kakemonster@live.no (If you can't do that.. just save your doll in the look you've made and tell me in my gb too check it out)

I will choose 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.. The winners will be announced on the blog page

1st Place: 15 stardollars deliverd in ss gifts
2nd Place: A suprise superstar gift
3rd Place: A suprise gift

If you have any questions, contact me on stardoll, kakemonster.

Good luck everyone! :)


  1. Where do you buy the hannah montanna dress?


  2. Go to 123proxy.info (no spaces). Type stardoll.com/en/cinema in the browser. Sign into Stardoll (you don't need to watch the movie) and then sign into your non-proxy account. The dress should be in your suite. :]

  3. I'll enter in it!Funnnn stuff, and I already have the dress :)

  4. this is gonna be awesome!

  5. my dress is in my suite on a mannequin next to me.
    my stardoll name is choc-cream

    :) xo

  6. Yay! I sent you an email =) This is a fun competition. I simply j'adore the new dress!

    xoxo Olio262

  7. i want to participate in this comp! =]
    the outfit is saved on my medoll in my suite.
    my account is sweet_cute_girl <3

  8. Hi! :)
    I want to participate!
    My account is : ale6rbd !

  9. why doesn't ginnyce write stuff anymore? she taking credit 4 other ppls work...

  10. I'm anonymous! Ha! U don't know who i am!!!!!!!!!!!! evil...

  11. Hey Isn't Stardoll Fanatic great! I think it is the best blog ever! Check out my blog please! It is http://thelatestsdgoss.blogspot.com/ Please don't copy or anything but get ideas! BTW You can right something what I wrote in my blog but not copying!

    JazieJasmine xoxo (my Stardoll name)

  12. Hi, My name is Samantha Gothia. I am training to be someones personal assistant on Stardoll and I will do what they tell me to so tell me in my guestbook and friend request if you want me to! Bye, Miss Gothia

  13. hi all!
    I can't send an e-mail with an photo so i saved it in my Album! It is on page 24 :)
    My name in stardoll is Ollilein and i wear it now...
    hope u like it!

  14. My Stardoll Name IS recordbaby I Cant Take Screen Shots So Ill Put It In Guestbook The Page Its On Thanks !

  15. tinypic . com /r/ 29mn5h 5 /5

    without the spaces please .
    this is my entry
    im a4awesum on stardoll.

  16. hi well i would lyk to join the comp,,,,,, i dint really understandhow to do the screenshot sooo hers my doll:estashawty
    and i also have her saved in my guestbook

  17. Hey Stardoll fanatic! can someone tell me how to paste pictures cause like when I right i do not know what to do! I only get pics from my friends Thanks

  18. im in!!!
    my username is 5678heaven
    saved in guestbook!!

  19. i'm in! my username is Miley_Rose_gal

  20. i want to!!! can u check it in my suite in 200208297

    thanx! awesome competition!

  21. SkyMyers is da name!

  22. Please tell me how to get pictures from Stardoll cause i try to copy and it won't for my blog! I will give you a ss gift first one who tells me!

  23. free water dress
    go to starplaza
    click the new button thing
    and there it is 0$ for non superstar and superstar!!
    username 5678heaven!!

  24. Hey guys, Im not exactly sure how to take a screen shot, but i will try to figure it out so i can enter.

  25. heyy, so my outfit is saved in my album on the cover!

  26. my creation is in stargirl_657's album but if i do win anything please send it to daddysgirl12366
    that is the account i go on the most i did it on the other account becuase that account had lots of money and i could buy things
    thanks a lot

  27. go to http://stardollloverhere.blogspot.com/ for updates, cheats, and free stuff.
    ty x.

  28. Check out my outfit. My stardoll name is Spiceursha.

  29. hey im kinda being annoying but i really want to win. could youplease checkout thespian22 thats me.

  30. It's very very cool