Thursday, March 5, 2009


I'm Sabrinia624!!!
I'm a new writer...

Fast Facts about me...
I love stardoll
  I love SF (Stardoll Fanatic)
  I own 3 clubs (my personal favorite is free-stuff411)
Here is the link to my medoll...

Free stuff
Miley Book - I am not sure if its for every country but if u go 2 the start page, it should be there...


  1. Go to -Creame- `s page at stardoll!!!! HUrrrrrrrrrrrry

  2. How can I GET MILEY'S BOOK?

  3. Hi! Do you know anything thats new to stardoll thats free? I love getting new, free stuff, even if it's hideous! LOL XD go to my site, it's about my three legged dog, Wylee, who got hit by a car! and go to (where my dog is from) and look at his progress journal! :) thanks! Im JuicyPrincess18 on stardoll!