Monday, February 2, 2009

Stardoll Shops

Written By Guest Writer littlemiss*10

Today most superstars design clothes and are rather popular, to name a few there are MadMacMom or Singingmermaid. These designers usually sell their designs and now own a small stardoll ‘shop’. My article is all about a designer called BlackMambaYeah and her shop ©BlackMambaYeah Shop.

Her shop is a room in her house on the 2nd floor to the right. It is full of her wonderful designs like her Popcorn design and Night Diamonds design, but it appears none of it is for sale. She has recently designed the new pattern called Make – Up, but it is for a limited time only.

BlackMambaYeahs prices can be a bit high e.g a dress which would usually cost 10SD costs 15SD. I understand stardoll charges you 1SD to sell each item and each design takes time to make, so I favour these prices and think that they are of average. I would seriously consider buying from ©BlackMambaYeah Shop because not only are there amazing designs and great prices, BlackMambaYeah is a nice a friendly stardoll member.

To sum up BlackMambaYeah and ©BlackMambaYeah Shop I think she should be well recognised for the great designer she is and say that anyone could buy an amazing item and not get bored of it. Her designs are timeless. 

To visit BlackMambaYeah copy and paste the link below into the URL: 



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