Sunday, January 11, 2009

Want to Advertise?

Do you have a sale, club, or suite you want to advertise? Well you can, for 5 stardollars! I know that's the same price as broadcasting, but your advertisement will be there for 1 whole week! Last week, almost 2,000 people visited the page! The advertisement will be either on the side, or at the bottom of the page (whichever you choose: the bottom has more space for advertising, the side will be seen more easily!) To pay the 5 stardollars, either just tell me and I will put something up in my starbazzar, or send me one of the gifts below! Also, if you want to, you can design the advertisement and send it to!!! Thx so much!
-Cassius Dress

-Heart Dog Bed

-Ballerina Pig

-Shopping Bag or Shoeboxes


-Bar left, or Bar Right

-Pilates mattress

-Balance Board

-Tennis Racket


-Pretty in Pink phone

-Pretty in Pink Clock

-Pen Box


-Chinese Take Away

-Any cooking utensils



  1. how can you make an advertisizement?

  2. I Will Pay 5 Stardollars ... Please Get In Touch On Stardoll ... My Username is ; BabieeBeckiee.x And I Have A Constant Collectors Sale I Am Always Restocking And Always Have Olddd Dkny And Hotbuys For Really Cheap !x ...

    Thnx BabieeBeckiee.x xx

  3. Hi This Is BabieeBeckiee Again Ive Tried To gt In Touch and Really Want To Advertise My Sale And My Club So Please Let Me No What Gifts U Want !xx ,,p.s I Can Tell You What To Write On Both xx Get In Touch

    Thnx BabieeBeckiee.x xx

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  5. hii can you please give me tips on how to get my site popular too?