Saturday, January 24, 2009

My Boutique!

Hey! I just designed a new collection of clothing (that will be on stardoll) and will be for sale upon request! If you want one of the pieces of clothing, just tell me!

Designs -- Left to Right
1. Limited Edition Inspired Tank -- 10 sd
2. Burberry Inspired Dress -- 15 sd
3. Luis Vuitton Inspired Dress -- 15 sd
4. Tory Burch Tank -- 10 sd
5. Chanel Inspired Tee -- 7 sd
6. Forever 21 LOVE Tee -- 7 sd

To get these designs, write a comment in my guest book with the one you want, and I will sell it for the above prices. I will keep restocking! 



  1. heeeey u r really amazing ;) i liked ur designs but i have a comment on the LV inspired dress if u made the background is brown it would be better ;)

  2. sell burberry clothes too, if you want one ask me in my guestbook i'm p1sellina

  3. Wow i love them do you have any more left

    love natasha-rox286

  4. Your designs aren't that good! I have seen 10,000 x better from designers you copied!!!

  5. WOW... i luv the designs... very cute! ♥
    But i especially like the LV design!