Sunday, January 11, 2009

Make a Spare Email!

Ok, so a lot of people are saying that they don't have an email, or their email doesn't work with stardoll. Just so you know, there are benefits if you confirm your stardoll email (1 stardollar a day (365 a year) and one of the free dresses on this blog). Also, with my MetaRL "contest" you will only get a gift if you confirm your email! But to make a spare email, just follow the steps below.

1) Go to 
2) Press sign up (on the right side, next to "free mail")
3) Fill in info (it doesn't have to be real info)
4) Voila! Now you have a new email!

5) For stardoll, to change your email, go to "My Account" and put in your new email, or if you have never confirmed your email, press the button that says "Send Me a New Confirmation Link" or something like that!

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