Monday, December 29, 2008

Free Green Sofa!

If you signed up for stardoll before they started giving out stuff when you joined (like the sofa), read this post! If you already have the sofa, clothes etc. there's no need for you to read this post!

To Get the Sofa -- (sofa cheat from Espritgirl)
1) go to
2) make a new account
3) start the tour
4) when you get up to the part where callie offers you the sofa, do not buy it. instead, make a new window, and log out of the new account, and into your old account
5) go back to the first window, and buy the sofa
6) go to your suite, and the green sofa should be there!
(sorry if the instructions were kinda unclear)

To Get the Clothes -- (most people already know this one!)
1) Go to starplaza
2) Search for
- Black Skirt
- Pink Skirt
- Black Shirt
- White Shirt
and those clothes will be for zero stardollars!